PowerPoint Slide Zoom Course






Full Lifetime

Content Materials

2 hours on-demand video,
4 articles,
10 downloadable resources

Course Overview

This course is very specific on how to make Slide Zoom with Microsoft PowerPoint, that will help you to create exciting and stunning presentation which is completely different from usual presentation. In addition, you will able to grab your audience attention by telling visual stories or convey your messages in much more attractive way with Slide Zoom. The instructor (One Skill) does an excellent job explaining and showing every step with very well organized. You will learn on how to insert slide zooms, achieve slide zoom effect, create custom slide zoom such as Icon Zoom, build isometric city zooms, insert video zooms and master summary zooms which enable you to quickly and conveniently navigate your presentations. All these subjects were made very simple to understand even for beginner level.

Course Syllabus

  1. Welcome!
  2. Create & Customize Your First Slide Zoom
  3. How To Create Slide Zooms in older PPT versions
  4. How to Create Icon Zoom & Invisible Zoom
  5. How To Create Isometric City Zoom
  6. How to Create Video Zooms
  7. How to Create Summary Zooms
  8. Congratulations + Bonus Lectures