Microsoft Word Bootcamp – Zero to Hero Training Course




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Content Materials

3.5 hours on-demand video,
47 downloadable resources

Course Overview

This project based course comes with a perspective design which is practically through work documents such as creating formal business letter, monthly newsletter, precise business report with charts and graphs, timetable, business form, interactive product overview in *.pdf format and personalised letterheads and envelopes for clients. The instructor is Mr. Daniel Walter Scott (Dan) who is also an Adobe Certified Instructor & Adobe Certified Expert with more than 14 years teaching experience. Dan makes this course easy to follow with his unique teaching style and enhance learners with several useful tricks and it simultaneously will help to save time at work.

Course Syllabus

  1. Overview
  2. Creating a formal business letter
  3. Monthly company newsletter
  4. Formatting a long business report
  5. How to create a company template
  6. Creating a timetable schedule using tables
  7. Product overview PDF with interactivity
  8. How to make an interactive form
  9. Creating personalized letters using Mail merge
  10. Next Steps
  11. Cheat sheet & shortcuts