How To Get Free Courses On Coursera

Coursera is one of the best platform for online learning. They have more than 4200 available courses. Each course is costing from $39 and above, you need to login to see the exact price for each course.

Luckily, you still have a chance to take the course for free. You just need to follow this guidance to get free courses on Coursera.

Get Free Courses With An Audit Option

Firstly, proceed your registration if you do not have an account at Coursera yet. More options at Coursera can be viewed by registered users only.

Decide which course do you want to learn. You can search for any courses, by typing the course category or direct to specific course title. Then click on “search” button to view the available list of related courses.

After selecting a course, you will open new page containing an explanation of the course. Basically you will need to know about course instructors, syllabus, enrollment starts date, reviews, course duration, price and etc.

Now you are satisfied with course details and ready to take the course. Click on “Enroll…” button link. Then you will get new pop-up on your screen, as shown below.

image sample to audit course
Click on the “audit the course” link.

At the bottom left of this pop-up, you will see a small “audit the course” link. Click on that link to enroll the course for free. Enroll means you are going to book your class seat before the class session begins.

Audit allows you take a class for free without completing assignments, and of course you won’t get course certificate. By choosing an audit option, you are free to see all course contents such as lecture videos, course readings and participate in discussion forums but you are unable to submit assignment for feedback/grade. Therefore, you would not get a Course Certificate, though you have done completing all the course auditing tasks.

If you have change your decision and want to pay for this course, you can choose to pay in order to access for additional quizzes, projects, and a shareable Certificate when you are complete. The best way is, try to get free audit first and make the decision whether to pay or not later 🙂 

image sample to upgrade course
Auditing can be upgraded anytime later.

Many courses have an audit option, so you can check this option for every course you have found on Coursera. However audit option only available for courses, not for Specialization.

No Free Audit Option Is Available? Why?

There are several reason for this situation:

You are opening on the Specialization web page, not the course web page.

Specialization referred to a combination of multiple courses for a specific skill in order to master a particular Specialization topic. You need to click on any single course link under Specialization if you want to find an audit link.

image sample compare specialization and course
Audit option only available for courses.

Most courses under “Professional Certifications” have no audit option. “Guided Projects”, MasterTrack Certificates” and “Degrees” have no audit option at all.

image sample compare mastertrack, project and professional
image sample compare degree and others

You are selecting on “Full Course, No Certificate” course.

There are some free courses on Coursera come with free graded assignments but without certificate. So, you can just simply sign up for this course!

image sample detect free course
image sample select free full course

You are selecting on course which not offering an audit option.

If you are still need this course for free, then you should try 7 days Free Trial or apply for Financial Aid.

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