5 Reasons Why Users Still Visit Lynda Training Website (Lynda.com)

Microsoft had moved all Lynda.com customers completely to LinkedIn Learning, but many traffic still go to Lynda.com, rather than directly go LinkedIn Learning website. Here are 5 reasons why users still visit Lynda.com.

LinkedIn had purchased online learning platform Lynda.com in 2015. Next year in 2016, Microsoft bought LinkedIn. Now, Microsoft had moved all Lynda.com customers completely to LinkedIn Learning. Also, Lynda.com contents are totally synchronize with LinkedIn Learning.

However, Lynda.com website is still working and can be access without any problems. Moreover, result from website traffic checker (e.g., sitechecker.pro, similarweb.com, etc) estimated this website has a lot of traffic every day. Many traffic are from visitors who want to find courses through Lynda Training website, rather than directly go LinkedIn Learning website, though both websites have the same great contents.

Generally, there are two options for users; whether visit via LinkedIn Learning or Lynda.com. However, users still visit via Lynda.com. Here are 5 reasons why users still visit Lynda.com:

1. Lynda.com domain name is catchy

Lynda.com domain name is simple, easy to remember, easy to spell with only 5 letters. Anybody can remember lynda.com and easily type this domain name.
According to “top sites by Alexa”, you can see that these top websites domain name are simple and easy to remember, such as Google.com, Youtube.com, Baidu.com, Facebook.com, Yahoo.com, Ebay.com… and so lynda.com!

2. Old-time learners familiar with Lynda.com

Lynda.com was created since 1995. From 1995 to 2015, Lynda Training already have numerous amount of loyal customers which prefer Lynda.com as a starting interface proceed to LinkedIn Learning courses. If they want to learn or find courses, they certainly will come back to Lynda.com.

3. Lynda.com Library Directory Style

You can see library menu on the first page (and almost every pages). Library menu at Lynda.com is more impressive to explore and easy to navigate for each course directory. This library divides all courses into 12 main categories which are 3D + Animation, Audio + Music, Business, CAD, Design, Developer, Education + Learning, IT, Marketing, Photography, Video and Web.

lynda library

All these 12 categories then divided into 3 sub-categories contains Topics, Software and Learning Paths. Learners can select which sub-category is match with their desired course. In addition, by selecting Learning Paths sub-category, you can see your possibility in career and what courses are needed.

Lynda Learning Paths

Search function at Lynda.com provides more useful filters

At Lynda.com, there are more search filters to make your search more specifics. These additional filters are companies and authors. If you have specific software provider for certain courses, you can see all courses under selected company (Microsoft, Adobe, Open Source, etc). Furthermore, if you have your favorite author, you can see all courses under his name.

Lynda Authors Filter

4. Big amount of Twitter Followers

Currently, Lynda have 113K followers which contribute to increase the traffic volume.

lynda twitter followers

5. Links to visit Lynda.com

Result from website traffic checker shows that source from “search” and “referrals” contribute to Lynda.com traffic until now. If you are searching on Google (or other search engines), you may find so many websites still linked to Lynda.com. Moreover, social networks also contribute traffic to Lynda.com from Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. This situation makes learners more convenient to visit Lynda.com.

Lynda.com name is catchy. When you visit Lynda.com, you would felt like entering a library with so many books to read. But Lynda made it easy, you can easily navigate all courses and pick the right course for you. Then, you will automatically directed to LinkedIn Learning website. Overall, Lynda.com is still useful and relevant for certain users.

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