10 Things To Consider When Selecting Online Office Courses

There are many types of online office courses, then how can we select the best one?
These are some guidance on how to choose the best office courses that will suit your own criteria.

Nowadays, demand for office courses are increasing rapidly. Most people looking for office courses in a way to improve their competency in career, academic or personal success. Therefore, many training providers have offer office courses such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. in order to fulfill this knowledge demand.

Luckily, office courses online are also available, so that we can learn anytime anywhere. However, there are many types of online office courses, then how can we select the best one? It is really important to find the right course. Mistaken in choosing a right course will just wasting time and money.

These are 10 things to consider when selecting online office courses, also can be some guidance to choose the best office courses that will suit your own criteria:

1. Online Office Courses Requirements

Make sure there is no such problem like slow internet speed that could give any problem when login to the online courses, attending live class or when downloading *.zip file, *.ppt file, *.pdf file etc. Your laptop or smartphone also must able to open those files.

2. Course Details

Go through course details precisely. Make sure the offered course is the one you need most and you do not only impressed by the course title.

3. Separate or Bundle Course

Normally, training providers offering separate course. Do not forget to check if there are also bundle course available at the same time. If you choose bundle course, what all those courses include? Identify which courses is more needed for your work assignments.

sample bundle office course
Bundle office course from universalclass.com

4. Office Software Version

Though your office software is match with course, you still need to know the version of those office software. For example, Ms Office Word have many version such as Ms Office Word 2019, and Ms Office Word 2016. So you have to decide whether to choose latest version or same version as yours (if you are not using the latest version).

5. Course Level

Normally online courses offered have divided into several levels. So you need to choose which level is suit you such as beginner, intermediate or advanced.

6. Course Certificate

Certification allow users to prove their skills sets. So you have to make sure certificate is provided at the end of the course. People who are certified normally will be given more opportunity in performing task because they are able to do their job better and faster.

7. Subscription Period

Some training websites just give certain period for subscription, actually it does not matter for most learners. But if you are not satisfied with this limitation, there are still other training websites that provide lifetime subscription.

8. Additional Value

Some websites offered more advantages compared to others. e.g.,”Provide App for iOS and Android” can be counted as additional value.

9. Course Fee

How much the course fee? If bundle course is more affordable and the course details are relevant with your work assignments, so just go for it.

10. Testimonies

Normally training providers will show their testimonies for every attendees that have completed the course, but it only from one side. It is better if you also look for any extra testimonies for different point of views. You can ask testimony from your own friends who have experience attending the course. You also can search on google if there are any other testimonies or reviews from other websites.

Hopefully, all these guidance can help to make you more confident in choosing the best online office courses, then start a course that will suit you. 🙂

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